Senior Fitness Testing at Chinn Wednesday

Chinn is holding its 8th annual fitness testing for people 60+ years young! Compare your fitness level to the national standards and set a standard to beat next year.

If you are 60+ years young, is offering a functional fitness test this Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. to help you find out where you are fitness-wise and set goals for years to come.

The 90-minute session will include a group warm-up so you are ready to perform your best and then there will be six stations to test each lower body strength, upper body strength, aerobic endurance, lower body flexibility, upper body flexibility, and agility/balance.

Rather than an invasive body fat calculation, these tests will help you see functional areas that you are strong and areas to improve. For example, to test lower body strength participants will perform a chair stand test; a step test will be used to analyze aerobic endurance, and a scratch test to test upper body flexibility.

“It is very functional,” said Chinn fitness coordinator Leslie Stone. “This is the eighth year we have done it, so participants who have come before can compare their results this year to years past, as well as to the national standard.”

A past participant told the center that doing the test several times in sequential years really “helped give me a picture of my progress/maintenance in fitness.” Another said that the fitness test helped motivate him to come back for workouts.

The testing and results are based on the American Council of Exercise standards, and is part of Chinn’s celebration of Older American’s Month. All the test results will be tallied and then one week later, on May 23, Chinn will host an hour for refreshments and results to give individuals back their results and answer any questions about what they mean and offer suggestions on how to improve in areas that need improvement.

“The test even takes into consideration if you’ve had an injury or surgery on one side, so that you are testing both sides and learning where you are overall,” Stone said.

There will be eight personal trainers at the event to help participants do their best on the tests and also have a chance to ask questions or bring concerns to a professional.

Chinn asks that individuals preregister for the $15 test to allow the center to be fully prepared—but registrations will also be accepted the morning of the event. You can call (703-730-1051) or do in-person registration.


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