George Patton's Favorite Cocktail

Top Off Your Vets Day With a Nightcap!

 Veterans Day isn't all about a relaxing day off. SOME people still have to work, and with the weekend peeping right around the corner, there is no better time than now to celebrate with a cocktail.

But not just any cocktail. Oh no, as it's Veterans Day we need to select a special drink and what better person to draw inspiration from today than General George S. Patton.

I stumbled onto a blog post called Delicious Attack, which features the supposed favorite drink of the esteemed General. Less a planned recipe than what looks like a throw together of whatever alcohol happened to be lying around at that time, you can adjust quantities to your taste. So from my computer to yours, I wish everyone a safe and happy Veterans Day, and as always, please drink responsibly. Patton would want you to.

You'll need:

Lemon Juice 

Sugar to taste

About an ounce of Bourbon

Red Wine to taste

 White Wine to taste


And some Scotch (to taste)

Mix everything together, and for true authenticity, the blogger suggests serving the drink in a tin cup.


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