Polka Dot Divas, Occoquan Antiques Celebrate Grand Reopening

The grand reopening party filled the building with about 100 people throughout the evening.

On Nov. 1, the and celebrated their grand reopening with a reopening party.

About 100 people visited the shop during the evening. With fresh paint colors, bold displays in the window, and glitzy holiday decorations, the shop was glammed up even more than usual. Downstairs, Occoquan Antiques provided a vintage diva feel.

The move comes after by the Divas and , and a little less than a week of renovations by Doug Kittell of Executive Improvements. Kittell, who got his start doing home flips (which he explained to me as taking an old or rundown home and making it look new), now has an office in the back of the Polka Dot Divas and hopes that other store and home owners will be looking for someone to do their renovations. 


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