Polka Dot Divas to Move in November

The shop will move across the street.

On Nov. 1, the will move from 416 Mill Street in Occoquan to 405 Mill Street. The store will reopen Nov. 2.

The Polka Dot Divas will move in shortly after closes and moves out in October.

This new location will put the Polka Dot Divas next door to , Occoquan's cupcake shop.

Kristyn Gleason and Julie Marshall of the Polka Dot Divas and Debbie Delardi of Sugar Buzz often work together, since their businesses tend to draw similar customers.

The Polka Dot Divas is known for carrying s, and Delardi's cupcakes have since on April 1 of this year.

In an upcoming article, Gleason will explain why the Polka Dot Divas are moving and what they're looking forward to in their new location.


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