Speak Out: Restaurants or Parking Spaces?

Which would you prefer to see at Potomac Mills mall?

Wednesday, mall announced that two new standalone restaurants would be coming to the outlet mall.

A third restaurant has yet to be officially announced by mall management, but it has been reported that a Bahama Breeze would also open. The Cheesecake Factory and Bobby’s Burger Palace will start construction later this fall. around the proposed location while waiting in a slug line Thursday morning.

Two additional stores, The Christmas Tree Shops and buybuy Baby will open in the mall.

, the same two shops have submitted plans to take up residence in a vacant Shoppers Food and Pharmacy building in Central Park.

Last February, the mall closed 750 parking spaces in anticipation of these developments at the mall. and that they would boycott Potomac Mills because of the cut.

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Monica Wright June 23, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Unfortunately, we need to leave this county to work in order to afford to live here. Where can you work in PWC to afford our large houses...Bob's Burger's? There is plenty of room for commuter parking M-F with causing disruption to the daily operations at the mall. M-F during 9-5, that mall is practically empty. Commuters are customers. This disruption has caused major inconvenience to commuters. The mall needs this community to thrive so they should support us. I will continue to boycott.
Kev C. June 24, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Monica, It's your prerogative to boycott. No one here is going to tell you to not to. Potomac Mills will do great without your support. You're directing your anger towards the wrong group my friend. If you have issues with how PWC is run and the fact that you have to drive outside the county for a better paying job to pay for your "Big House", then get involve with the local government. Potomac mills do not owe anyone of us anything and they sure don't owe us parking. They are a private company who is in the business of making money.  Again, point your comments towards local officials. They are accessible. Get involved. Did you cast your vote during the last county election? Do you go to PWC BOCS Meetings? What about WPCCA? Not sure if you do or don't but I will assume the latter because they are usually a very very small contingent that address their issues at these meeting and not once have I've heard your concerns at these meetings.   You can always move to another county, you know, the one in which you work for and pay for a "Big House" that is at least 200k more than what you are currently paying for. 
Kev C. June 24, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Also, There is a poll in this story. Do you realized that out of 112 votes, 81% chose restaurants? Hmm... Looks like Potomac Mills will do just fine.
Doublezizzle June 25, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Well said Kev C. I didn't know it was Potomac Mills' problem to figure out our commuter parking situation! Seems like they can't do something nice without the "gimme more" mentality. Sheesh.
Jac Mittens December 14, 2012 at 09:18 PM
More establishments are welcome since we are trapped by I95. The county should be petitioned for more valid and safer commuter parking locations. The majority of wealth PWC enjoys flows from DC. As far as Potomac Mills, I hope they plan on renovating the dingy looking mall.


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