In Memory: Woodbridge Area Obituaries

Links to obituaries from area funeral homes.

Mountcastle Turch Funeral Home:

John Farrell, 73, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 6.

Amy Lynn Wassenberg, 44, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 7. 

Thomas Yentsch, 69, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 8.

Christopher Dale Bryant, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 9.

Pierce Funeral Home:

Luz Matilde Cordova, 37, of Manassas, died Sept. 7.

Thomas O'Malley Moore, II, 68, of Manassas, died Sept. 8.

Hope H. Shaw, 61, of Manassas, died Sept. 10.

Norma Cecilia Rieger, 88, of Manassas, died Sept. 10.

Josephine Julia Conde, 78, of Manassas, died Sept. 10.

Miller Funeral Home:

Nancy Testerman, 62, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 8.

Joan B. Scott, 77, of Woodbridge, died Sept. 8.

Denise Wokutch, 67, of Lake Ridge, died Sept. 10.


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