Blog of the Week: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Part II)

In which we highlight a great blog post published on one of the Eastern Prince William County Patch sites.

This week's Blog of the Week is by local community activist Connie Moser: 

"While we were deciding whether to retire and settle here in Virginia, we were renting a house from an Army Colonel. He and his family loved Arizona, elected to retire there and offered to sell us the house we’d been renting. We were giddy with excitement because we had never owned property in our military life. Buying a home on Paxton St in Lake Ridge seemed like the perfect way to really call Virginia home.

Then we learned that the Veterans Administration loan, didn’t begin to qualify us to purchase the house we were already calling home. We had no money saved for a down payment. (We’d been living with three children on Tech Sgt pay. There just was no money to save!) Nonetheless, we had to find somewhere to live, because our current house was going to be sold."

View the entire post here.


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