Ask an Officer: Felonies, Speeding Cars in Neighborhoods

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Question: Our main concern as parents is that as much as we watch our kids play, there are several drivers (who I would assume reside) in that street that still do not observe the speed limit. We do not have speed bumps and on many occasions, besides the fact that they are going too fast, they do not slow down at all. There was one incident when kids almost got run over.

What do we do in situations like these? Can we call a cop on these drivers? Can they be ticketed? Reported?

Answer: You can call this in. Use the police non-emergency line of 703-792-6500 to report such incidents. Depending on the circumstances and the situation, a driver can be charged. The most vehicle and driver information you can obtain, the better, such as description of driver, tag, make model of vehicle and any other identifying characteristics such as bumper stickers, body damage etc. However, please DO NOT put yourself in harm's way. You can also report traffic complaints to our hotline, see link below.


Question: Can you please tell us how many officers are actually in police cars (on average) for any given shift? I know our county has over 400,000 residents spread over 348-square-miles, so what is the ratio of citizens to officers? 

Answer: For tactical purposes, we cannot answer this question pertaining to the number of officers on the street per shift. Our total sworn staffing is 569 officers. With the population hovering around 400,000, we have 1.37 officers per 1,000 residents.

Question: What constitutes a felony in Prince William County?

Answer: Prince William doesn’t determine what crimes are felonies or misdemeanors. Laws are decided by the state legislators in Richmond which are then enacted statewide. The main difference in the two is the punishments. Felonies usually can carry jail time over a year and can include the death penalty. Misdemeanors carry punishments which can include large fines and jail time less than a year. Typically the seriousness of the crime or the frequency of the number of times a person commits a crime is what constitutes a felony. See the link below to the code of Virginia to look up specific crimes.



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Dwayne & Maryanne Moyers May 11, 2012 at 02:54 PM
There should be a list of radar assignments for motorcycle officers handling speeding complaints for the Prince William County Police Department. When speeding becomes a problem which needs to be addressed by local law enforcement, contact the P.W.C. Police Department Special Operations Bureau and ask for your street to be registered on a waiting list for radar enforcement. The Sheriff's Office also provided this service under the guidance of Lee Stoffregen. But all radar enforcement in Prince William County by Sheriff's Deputies disappeared when Glen Hill became the Sheriff.
Joe George June 18, 2012 at 05:54 PM
In follow-up, I have gotten the County Board of Supervisors to set aside funds to build a speed bump on my road that I feel cars tend to speed to fast down. Originially, I requested a four-way stop sign, but based on distance of homes to the curb, that was not an option. The County conducted a speed survey for a week and made the determination that speed altering would be allowed. Now what I need to do to complete the task, is get signatures from about 50 families that are impacted by the speed bump. I have verbal authorization from my immediate neighbors, but until I submit the signatures to the County, this road will continue to be a risk. If you'd like to know in more detail, pull up my info and contact me.


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