Occoquan Mayor: Roads May Be Closed If Town Floods

Hurricane Sandy may cause flooding in the small town.

Virginia's emergency management personnel report that the worst of the storms associated with Hurricane Sandy will likely impact our area from approximately Monday morning through Tuesday evening.  In addition to potentially heavy rain at times, high winds, with gusts of 40-45 mph may occur along the entire I-95 corridor. As a result, please double-check to make sure that you have brought inside or secured any items that may blow away in heavy winds.  Several business owners, as well, have indicated that they are considering removing their outdoor hanging signs.  

Occoquan Police Chief Sheldon Levi and I met yesterday and spoke with our maintenance personnel to make what preparations we can in advance of the storm. If flooding from Ballywhack and Boundary Branch Creeks crosses roadways, we are prepared to shut down Tanyard Hill Road, Washington Street, and/or Poplar Lane, and will direct traffic out of town via Commerce Street.  Additionally, though we do not anticipate closing the footbridge, it is likely that river flooding will require prohibiting access to the town pier and boardwalk.  

As advised earlier, click here and here to go the American Red Cross sites suggested by the Prince William County Office of Emergency Management for information on preparing for hurricanes and flooding, respectively.  At the County's emergency management site you may also sign up for community alerts.  

Among the things to consider doing in preparation are:

  1. Making sure you have a battery-powered or hand-crank radio and are well stocked with batteries and flashlights.
  2. Making sure you have adequate supplies of water and food, including for pets.

If your electricity goes out, please do not assume that others have reported the problem.  Instead, if you live in the Town of Occoquan contact Dominion Power and inform them of the outage by telephoning 1-866-366-4357.   Again, please use caution and make a point of checking on your neighbors if possible.


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