Prince William Parkway to Receive New Route Number

VDOT will be making changes to Prince William Parkway, Fairfax County Parkway and Franconia-Springfield Parkway in the coming months.

Prince William Parkway is now one of three local parkways that has been transfered to primary road status by the Virginia Department of Transportation. 

VDOT announced Thursday that the Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the transfer, making the road eligible for new funding and maintenance priorities.

"As primary roads, the routes can receive federal funding for paving, guardrail, bridge improvements and other projects," said VDOT in a press release. "Federal funding typically covers 80 percent of the cost to maintain interstates and primary roads, with the remaining 20 percent from state funds."

The Prince William Parkway (Route 3000), which runs from Route 1 to Route 234, will be renamed Route 294. The 16-mile road carries between 25,000 and 54,000 vehicles per day.

Over the next three months, VDOT will be placing signs with new route numbers and additional signs indicating "Old Route 3000." VDOT said drivers will see the old route number alongside the new route number for about a year so that hotels, businesses, map companies, etc. have ample time to update their materials.  

"Roads may be considered for the transfer from secondary to primary when they meet a majority of certain criteria, such as carrying a minimum traffic volume; carrying a minimum percentage of out-of-state, truck, tractor-trailer, or bus traffic; and serving as a link for highways, county seats or sites of historic or scenic interest," said VDOT.

Catherine Brooks February 17, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Gee, I just moved to this area in 2010, and now I have to memorize a new route number! As long as the roads are maintained, it's ok with me!
J. Michael Hill February 20, 2012 at 12:22 AM
I have been here since 1955 and even the names and locations have changed. Sometimes I have to think to come up with the current name.


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