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The Board of County Supervisors adopted its with a tax rate of $1.209 per $100 of assessed property value. The budget managed to be , with some wanting to set taxes at a rate of $1.204, and some wanting to ensure more money for the schools with a rate of $1.215. 

The budget does provide for teacher raises, but Bonnie Klakowicz, president of the Prince William Education Association, felt that any rate lower than the advertised rate of $1.215 would not adequately provide for high school and middle school class sizes, which are .

In Eastern Prince William County, the budget also funds the expansion of Prince William Parkway from Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road, the Minnieville Road widening from Spriggs Road to Route 234, and the Route 1 North widening from Neabsco Mills to Featherstone Drive.

Are you happy about the low tax rate? Are you upset about the straining class sizes? Do you feel that the timing is wrong on these road construction projects? Do you have any other thoughts or complaints? Weigh in below.

The county release about the budget is attached at the right. For more information on the budget, see our FY 2013 Budget topics page

robin rother April 25, 2012 at 10:00 PM
well we in dale city unfortunately are making less than our surrounding counterparts but road improvement is essential. dale city is a nice place to live but we are not keeping up with newer and better stores that would bring in the revenue to bring families to shop in our area. i will keep complaining that i do not want to see one more dollar store. i've always loved the strip malls in fairfax. better resturants that are not chains, prvately owned. so back to the point, people with less money doesn't mean we want cheap, shoddy stores to shop in over and over. this is why more roads need to be widened to make room for us locals just to get around. i don't shop anywhere but local, give me better!
Lauren Jost April 26, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Robin, What are some examples of stores that you see in other counties that you would like to see in Dale City. Specifically, where in Dale City should these stores go?


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