Yard Sale Signs Illegal on Right-of-Way Public Roads

State law prohibits signs on utility poles and medians.

From Prince William County Government: 

With the summer yard sale season in full swing, Prince William County would like to remind residents that it is illegal, under state law, to place signs in the right-of-way of all public roads, which include signs placed on traffic signs, staked in medians, tacked on utility poles and nailed to fences. Property owners are allowed to place a garage sale sign that is no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet on their own private property or other private properties where they have received permission. 

Signs posted in the VDOT right-of-way pose a safety problem for drivers and pedestrians by distracting motorists, creating blind spots and presenting hazards for people walking. Nails, screws, tacks and plastic ties used on utility poles are hazardous for utility workers. Furthermore, most of these signs are never removed and quickly litter the streets detracting from the appearance of our roadways and neighborhoods.

To stay safe and protect the community, residents are encouraged to place their yard or garage sale signs on private property. Better yet, we urge residents to announce their yard and garage sales in local newspapers via classified ads. Active yard sale attendees use the newspaper as a primary source when planning their itineraries for the day. This method affords residents the exposure and traffic they want while keeping the County healthy, safe and clutter-free.

The Neighborhood Services Litter Crew and VDOT remove any signs placed illegally in the public right-of-way. In some cases, a fine of $100 can result. If you have any questions on where to place your sign, please contact Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018 or nsd@pwcgov.org.


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