Celebrate Pi Day With a Local Slice of Pie

Can you think of a better way to celebrate a mathematical constant?

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Pi is a mathematical constant that is approximately 3.14. I once memorized Pi out to 28 digits. In retrospect, that time would have been better spent eating a slice of pie. 

March 14 is the perfect time to celebrate the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and what better way to celebrate Pi Day than by using that constant to find the circumference of a freshly baked pie?

Avis "Mom" Renshaw, of in Occoquan and Leesburg, recommends readers try something new.

"Since today, 3/14, is a hot day, one of our nice cold Meringues (or a Boston Cream Pie, since it is close to St. Patty's) is a great option," Renshaw said "We also sell slices, so one could venture into the tastebud unknown cautiously." 

Renshaw has noticed an uptick in Pi Day sales. 

"We tend to get a lot of math people in today," she said. 

What is your favorite flavor of pie? Do you have a favorite local bakery? 


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